Samsung finally giving Windows Phone the attention it deserves ?

I am not sure if you noticed, but if you have noticed the previous Focus/Omnia lines of phone the logical WP equivalent of the Galaxy line at that time, never got any dedicated logo. its simple etched as Focus and Focus S. But yesterday Sammy launched the ATIV S and it has a similar logo to that of the Galaxy series. Also the S in ATIV S is same as the S Samsung uses in Galaxy S. So is Samsung finally ready to push WP into the mainstream market. Can it give Nokia some real competetion ? I am also not of the view that its an offshoot because of the Apple lawsuit.? literally they cannot design and launch a phone within few days of the trial. They sure must have resigned to the fact that android has its problems and instead of signing patent licensing from Microsoft and apple for android devices why no just license a protected OS like WP. PS: I am not implying that they'll stop concentrating on android devices. It looks that android still got their main focus and they just are trying to mitigate their over depedence on android with WP8.