Is it a good time to buy a HTC One X

Howdy Army,

I've been using a 3rd generation iPod touch for the past few years, alongside a HTC Surround Windows Phone, and I feel it's time to upgrade. The HTC One X looks great and The Verge gave it a great review, so I was just wondering whether right now is a good time to get one?

There are rumours of a new one, but do you think HTC will really replace the flagship before it's had a year in the market?

All I need it for is the basic functions I used the iPod for, such as Twitter, Facebook (not too much), Google+, Reddit, Gmail and I want to start using Spotify. I also want to use RunKeeper for tracking bike rides, and Flipboard.

Is the One X a good phone to buy at the moment? Or should I wait for a successor, as Android phones generally update regularly. Will the One X get JellyBean too?

If anyone wants to know, I want a One X because of the 32GB storage, the screen, and the hardware, which I feel looks great and is great. Plus it got a good review here.

Thanks all!