Windows 8 Start Screen Scaling

I've had Windows 8 DP/CP/RP installed on my 11" laptop for months and one of the few complaints I had was the amount of tiles in the start screen. It would fit only 3 tiles high and 8 tiles wide for 16 tiles shown onscreen at once. The resolution of the display is 1366x768.

I finally got Windows 8 RTM off of DreamSpark and installed it on my desktop. The display attached to that PC is a 47" 1080p TV (I like giving my neck a workout). In this configuration, there are 6 tiles high and 13 tiles wide for 78 tiles. To see what would happen going to a lower resolution, I changed to 1024x768 and ended up with 4 tiles high and 7 wide for 28 tiles shown onscreen.

So my question is, does Windows 8 detect the screen size and populate the tiles in the start screen according to that while taking resolution into account or does RTM just give more tiles than RP?

Also, for those that were worried about enormous tiles on a desktop system, they are only approx 33% bigger than shortcut icons on the desktop.