The Xperia T

Hello everybody!

So Sony unveiled the Xperia T yesterday and I wanted to know how does everybody feel about the phone especially that it's gonna have a global release including USA this time.

I personally think that it's equal to it's biggest rivals (One X and the S3) in terms of processing power, screen and battery life. I think it's a bit superior in the design section, audio quality and the camera department. I also thank Sony for following Google's steps of including a bit stock Android user experience and including the on-screen buttons.

Sony also says that Jelly Bean will follow right after the release of the phone which I would assume is between 2 weeks and 1 month so it wouldn't be late in the software front either...

I am also not scared of the pricing; the Xperia S launched 100$ cheaper than both the S3 and the One X where I live and came with much more stuff in the box so I assume that the Xperia T is gonna be priced around the same as the S3 and One X.

So what do you think? Is this the first time Sony releases a phone that can out-perform rivals such as Samsung and HTC? Are you considering it for your next purchase? Please share your answer in the comment section and thank you.

Xperia™ T - The ultimate HD experience (via SonyXperia)