Just perfect timing

So my trusty 4 year old Pavilion just died. Right before all these amazing devices are about to come out on the market. SOAB.

I'm definetely going to wait until early december to buy something. My WP will be able to act as a substitute for the most basic tasks. Problem is, I so wanted to get a Surface Pro, and it is coming out with a three month delay :(

I know this post is redundant already, but what do you think I should get instead of Surface Pro, out of the currently announced devices?

Acer W700 looks ok, but I don't really trust acer, and they did not mention pen support, which I'd like. Transformer book comes in 13 and even 14" sizes, but it too will come ion second wave.

I basically want a hybrid, a tablet that can be docked to a keyboard/mouse, it needs to be intel core, have a 1080P screen, preferably pen support, 12"-13" (I know, surface is smaller). I'd use it for browsing, light gaming, office, media consumption (I want intel for backwards compatibility with games like down of war, civilization 4..). Is there a clear choice already out of the announced devices, or do I have to wait 26th october? I'm kinda bummed right now, so any advice would be helpful.