Does combat in Elder Scrolls games need to be fixed?



I'm living an all-time RPG high right now, consuming game after game like a one man horde of locusts. This shameless over-consumption has given me a great deal of perspective on the different types of RPG games out there (which includes JRPGs) and their respective (and quite varied) combat systems. I have my favorites when it comes to both overall games AND available combat systems. But that's not the point.

The point: Elder Scrolls Games. I love them -- Skyrim being the most recent layer of deliciousness on a hopefully incomplete cake -- but i hate the combat. In my humble opinion, it feels like nothing and i think it's an incredible shame as well as a black mark against an otherwise groundbreaking series of games.


Can it be fixed? SHOULD it be fixed? Say you're like me and slightly less than satisfied... how could such a thing be done?