Got a Nexus 7 to try Android out - looking for advice

I'm a long time iOS user and still a believer if I'm being honest. That said, I've been really curious about Android for a while now and with the introduction of the Nexus 7 I thought this was probably the best opportunity to take it for a spin - who knows, if I really like it my next phone might not be the next iPhone.

I've been putzing around now for a day on this thing (adding widgets, customizing things, google now-ing stuff, etc.) and I'm kind of enjoying myself. I've put together two screens (out of 5) that I am proud of, my main homescreen:


and what I call my reading screen:


So I'm happy with those two screens, but I still have 3 more that need to be filled! On top of that I still feel like I am thinking like an iOS user, and missing out on some Android potential. So I decided to turn to the Android Army for guidance. I'm open to trying anything so drop a comment in here if you have a recommendation.

I also have $22 of google play credit to burn (I had to buy Instapaper since I already use it everywhere else) and I'm looking for recos on how to spend that as well.