I need help to start an online tech campaign. Where do I begin?

Some of us at work have been in communications with Microsoft to determine how OneNote can be secured for use as a lab notebook (often called an ELN).

The good news

They are interested BUUT there is a strong political drive for an iOS notebook at work.

I'll just say it now, this beats the underpants off of any iOS device ELN in terms of it's versatility to write with a relatively realistic pen, draw with various tools, and paste data, graphics, reports, and printouts from other programs directly into it.


What I am trying to do is show what changes could be made to OneNote so it can be an elegant, versatile, and relatively safe tool to use for science classes, scholarly research, even government (think NIH, EPA) or medical research. I'd like to get social buy-in using an online campaign to help motivate Microsoft to pursue this independently.

Does anybody have any pro-tips for trying to share the idea and generate interest? I want to do it as easily as possible because I have a strenuous day job and am not really getting something from Microsoft. I am just passionate about their OneNote software. It rocks.