PSA: Let Opinions Be Opinions!

It has come to my attention, or rather my annoyance, that those who love and absolutely adore a specific product, brand, or company are absolutely ridiculous. Not all of them are annoying or arrogant or ignorant or obnoxious or, well, you get the point. According to my statistics in which I browse YouTube comments for those "I own X phone and believe that Y phone is actually better than my X phone" (which are completely unreliable stats, but for the most part they're pretty accurate), I've actually come across a few people who can open-mindidly dive into a debate about why a certain piece of technology fits them, but still listen and understand when they find that another piece of technology might suit another group.

As I read comment after comment after comment...after comment of excruciatingly close-minded individuals who believe that because their phone has an Apple logo on it, it's automatically the best; conversely, as I read all those comments that talk about these numbers, many of which are extremely foreign to those stuck on the Apple logo, in which they say how much RAM their phone has or how you can tap on the firmware number to play with digital jelly beans, I realized that I cannot stand the idea of not understanding somebody else's desires.



I'm sure that many of you have already figured out by the rather obvious beautiful picture that I've posted that I'm talking about the Android Army and the Apple Core (as The Verge so eloquently describes them in their forums). Now, allow me to get this out of the way: I own an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air. I do love Apple, but not because of an Apple, just because I chose a platform that suited my wants and style best. I'm locked into an ecosystem and I love it, but I absolutely love the idea of Android. My inner geek salivates over the new Note II and S3. In fact, I go to Best Buy sometimes just so I can play with some new Android hardware (what kind of geek would I be if I didn't?). And I'm not ashamed of saying that. What really bugs me, though, are those who deny the fact that the opposing side might be better. Or those who lie to themselves and say that the HTC One X isn't a freaking orgasmic awesome design.

This general idea that a company has fans, or consumers, so loyal to them and their products, no matter WHAT the product may be, just leaves me dumb. To Samsung lovers, or more generally the Android Army, Apple geeks are the "iSheep" of the generation. And to Apple enthusiasts, or the Apple Core, Android nerds are known as, well, every bad thing that they can think of. Do you see what I'm saying? Just the idea alone frustrates me. And again, there are those few people that can buy an Android device and say that Apple's iPad is much better than Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1, and vice-versa. But those who simply refuse to open their mind, I say to you: let opinions be opinions!

This was the best picture I could find on opinions for this post. Just pretend I'm talking about Windows for a second or something! GIve me a break.



I know that this won't reach many, especially not those who choose to only be in one forum group on The Verge because they're just so happy with their products, but I really hope that those who do read this can validate it and show it to others. It's a message that I've had on my mind for a while and I believe that it's an important idea to carry on. Whether you love Apple's iOS or Google's Android, we're all tech enthusiasts if you're on this website, so just let people like what they like and get on with your day. Oh, and I'm ready for those trolls out there who are ready to bash the comments with their opinions if this post gains any traction!