Apple's iPhone - the sum of its parts

A modest man once wrote "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants" - this was Isaac Newton quoting a philosopher in correspondence with Robert Hooke. I doubt such modesty is commonplace in Silcon Valley.

A common saying, it seems particularly by authors here on The Verge, is "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" - in wake of the Apple vs Samsung case this got me thinking quite literally about the sum of the parts of the iPhone. Apple wouldn't have an iPhone if Motorola hadn't invented the Mobile Phone, there would be no Retina Display without Hitachi's innovation with IPS, and so on.

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Of course this is recursive, we could go back to the dawn of mankind. This isn't meant to be comprehensive, far from it. I am not saying that Apple copied these companies, I am not passing comment on the Samsung legal case, this is purely an academic exercise to see whose shoulders Apple stands upon, metaphorically speaking.

From my little diagram above here are the companies that occur most frequently:

1 - IBM - 6 Counts
1 - Microsoft - 6 Counts
2 - Apple - 5 Counts
3 - Motorola - 4 Counts
3 - Nokia - 4 Counts
3 - Sony - 4 Counts
4 - Bell Labs - 3 Counts
4 - Samsung - 4 Counts
4 - Ericsson - 4 Counts