The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead. Let's discuss! SPOILERS!



My god, and I thought episode 2 grim, in the span of one episode I left a woman to be eaten alive to buy me time, shot a kid, Ditched a person on a road in the middle of the night to let her face a horrible death and had to talk a man out of intense denial.

So I'm curious, what did everyone think of this episode? Did you leave Lily on the side of the road? Does she always shoot Carley? Or is i possible she shoots Ben? Either way I let her, a woman who's already pretty unhinged just murdered someone out of nowhere? That won't stand.(Especially since she killed a totally innocent person) Do you trust the new characters introduced in this episode?

And what the Hell is going on with the guy on Clems Walkie Talkie? Why is he interested in a kid? I feel like it's a pretty clear ambush set up but I'm sure we'll find out.