Lightroom Preset Competition #1 (Black and White Conversion)

Let's play a game! The objective is to produce a preset in Lightroom and share it with the community. The preset should:

A) Do what it is supposed to based on the objective for the competition. (This one is black and white conversion)
B) Works well on a wide variety of photos (not only a single file)

We can comment on the preset(s) that we think works best and we can exchange presets by linking to them here.

Let's get started.
1) You can upload your raw file to for free and link to it here.
2) Other Verge members will download the raw file, process it using a single preset, and then upload and link to the processed file.
3) We will judge the final image.
4) We will share the preset we used with others who are interested.

Ready, set...GO!