Samsung's Galaxy Camera appears to be a fairly humble point-and-shoot, but the high-end Android smartphone strapped to its back means we'd expect it to be pretty expensive. The company is showing off some prototype accessories at IFA that it says will likely weigh in at the high end of the pricing scale, too, and will only have the possibility of making it to market if the camera itself sells well. Almost no information was available on these products, unfortunately, and they were all firmly behind glass, but they looked interesting enough to share nonetheless.

it's difficult to see how a lot of these products will work

The lineup includes a waterproof housing, a ring light, a large flash, a lens hood, a complex-looking studio-style tripod setup, and a wireless charger. That last accessory won't even work with the current model, we're told, but future Galaxy Cameras may have wireless charging built in. In fact, it's difficult to see how a lot of these products will work as designed, because the Galaxy Camera (at least the one shown at IFA) doesn't have an expansion port. One accessory will definitely make it to market, though, and that's a camera case with a magnetic flap that covers the screen.

Dante D'Orazio contributed to this report.