Multiple user accounts coming to Android?

A Neowin forum post signals something new coming to Android sooner or later.

Here is a quote from the OP:

Multi-user support is one of the few remaining things a desktop OS can do that Android can't. The "coffee table tablet" use case would greatly benefit from a multi-user setup, as would an enterprise user who wants to keep work and home separate. It's been a top 20 item on the Android bug tracker since the debut of Honeycomb, so there is certainly demand for it.

As we've seen from my previous experiments in sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, Google likes to leave breadcrumbs in shipping products for the astute observer to find, and the multi-user situation is no different. After a bit of research, I can tell you that Google islistening. There is a surprising amount of multi-user work being done on Android - some of it is even working on devices right now.

The First Clue



You probably cant see it, But on the AOSP code, there is a clue....

OP Quote:

I was originally clued into the idea of multi-user code already existing by Abhisek Devkota, aka "ciwrl," CyanogenMod's Head Moderator. The guys at CM had stumbled upon some interestingsounding methods named "SetCurrentUser" and "onUserChanged." These methods were found, a file for Android's pattern unlock. Here's the whole section:

public void onUserChanged(int userId) {
updateScreen(getInitialMode(), true);


Here is also a great idea suggested by OP himself:

I'm no expert, but this looks pretty straightforward: when the user changes, switch the lock screen over to the new user's lock screen, and redraw the screen so the user can see these changes. It sounds like pattern unlock is listening for a user switch!

Do you think multi-user is a great idea for Android?