"Microsoft is not, and never will be, a hardware company" Says former WP exec


via www.neowin.net

According to yet another Neowin article citing Geekwire, During his speech, Former WP exec Charlie Kindel shows a slide stating "Microsoft is not, and never will be, a hardware company"

A quote from his speech:

It is a North Star for the rest of the PC industry. That is why Microsoft is building Surface. They are not building Surface to be a business. They are building it for the same reason they built the Microsoft Store. Think of it as a marketing expense. It shows the rest of the industry what is possible and how to do it right.

But what does he exactly mean by "North Star"?

also, I believe that MS made the Surface to show OEMs what a Windows 8 table'top hybrid should look like. They're also using it to heavily market Windows 8. So yeah, Not pretty much of a business.

But even with that, The Surface has a LOT of selling potential.