The Verge Video Player, and its problems

I'll be first to admit. I love video reviews, and I've come to really count on The Verge's reviews for being technical, well produced, and accurate. So it bothers me greatly that The Verge seems content in using this ... less than ideal video player for their content.

Here's my problems with it, and maybe the rest of you can chime in:

1. Primarily uses Flash, even on HTML5 video supported platforms. If you can do it on mobile, do it on desktop!

2. The flash player doesn't scale correctly when moving between different monitors.

3. The quality settings are awkward, as if attempting to imitate YouTube except it's buggy. Don't just keep playing the whole video in low quality if I pick high!

4. Auto setting rarely, if ever, picks high quality.

5. It seems to buffer quite often, especially on high quality. Either the content network or the player is to blame here, but it's most certainly not my 30mbps sustained fiber net connection :P

6. And the thing that drives me most nutty: when a video is finished, there is NO button to exit fullscreen. The Verge isn't the only one to pull this, but it drives me nuts every time. Pressing escape works of course, but that's important functionality that should always be available!

7. Overall video quality and bitrate seems lacking. This I find strange, since The Verge seems to otherwise have a high standard for quality, even at the cost of speed (such as the front page of The Verge, which we all know is a pretty heavy website).

I know changes like this don't happen instantly. But I hope that others can back me up on this, and make sure The Verge technical staff become aware of this. The Verge does such a bang-up job everywhere else, they should take pride in their videos as well!