Microsoft Hardware releases Windows 8-ready keyboard-mouse sets

A ZDNet article claims that MS has just released the Wedge and Sculpt keyboard-mouse sets, Windows 8-ready!


"The Wedge Mobile Keyboard and its cover" via

Article Quote:

Intended to sit in your bag with a tablet PC, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard (£79.99 inc. VAT) is surprisingly light, packing a full set of 105 keys into a tiny 255-by-100mm metal frame. There's just enough travel on the keys, with action comparable to a Chiclet-style keyboard on a laptop. We did find the keys a little closer together than we'd normally like, which meant we occasionally hit the wrong key when typing fast, although practice should eventually make perfect.


"tiniest mouse ever" via

Article Quote:

The tiny Wedge Touch Mouse (£69.99 inc. VAT) shares many of the same design cues as its keyboard sibling. Designed to be held between the thumb and ring finger, it's an unusual mouse, with a single four-way touch surface replacing buttons and scroll wheel

Just go to the article link for info on Sculpt series.