Upcoming Gadgets to Heat the Winter – Now It's Apple Vs Google Vs Microsoft

Due to global warming, winter is expected to be more chilling and also bringing some free time for you to enjoy the lure of season. But, if you are a gadget lover than, this winter lace up your shoes as leading tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft are set release hot waves of spicy gadgets to dollar up your winter time. There are some speculations and some conformed news about the release of fresh gadgets, hence let’s find out which gadget is going to join us on the table of morning coffee.

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – A Sizzling Duos for Winter


Everyday a fresh guessing about the features and release of iPhone 5 is poured into the market by road side experts that ultimately heat-up the market of mobile development. Previous year, release of iPhone 4S was disheartening for iPhone fans and this finally raise the need to better and superior release. Some historic release in the form of iPhone 5 is accepted from Apple on 12th September, to preserve its supremacy. Let us wait and watch Apple’s plan and strategy to defend its crown against Android.

We all know that since the day of inception, iPad has absolutely ruled the tablet industry, building tales and reaching new records. The motive behind the launch of contemporary kinds of iPad is presumed to command 7 inch tablet industry which is presently conquered by Kindle fire. Trusting the specific resources, this exceptional art of engineering with a high-resolution Retina screen is believed to see the day light in the October month with the price tag suitable every single pocket and class.

Samsung To Take On With Galaxy Note 2

Samsung has officially announced the release date Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It is assumed to be hybrid version of tablets and smartphones and will function on powerful Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with stylus-friendly UI, upgraded camera and giant 5.3 inch display. End-users will be able to experience the brand new Android features such as Google Now and Android beam on the upcoming hybrid device.

Window 8 Phone Secret Weapon Of Microsoft


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Microsoft is back with some serious business strategies and plans to involve itself into the war of tech giants such as Apple and Samsung. Microsoft has decided to re-establish and conquer its market and lost empire by releasing powerful Windows 8 phone. Windows 8 phone is going to mark its presence on 5th September 2012, with aim to break the monopoly of Apple and Google, and to draw fresh bunch of audiences towards it. Windows 8 phone are expected to be pocket friendly crowded with features bounced by Apple and Android.

Now, wait for the release and evaluate the gadgets once they are poured into the market. These fresh releases in winter are surely going to heat-up mobile application development market once they hit the marketplace.