I want an android phone with apple hardware.

I am really fond of android as an operating system. I like all the flexibility and customization. I have set up my home screens to specificly cator to my needs. I like how android works. The way how apps interact with each other and I do not feel like I am jumping from app to app. The way how anything can be shared to almost any app. This is really convient. In ios I use to have to copy something then post it on to whatever site I wanted. Now in android I just click share and a panel comes offs with all shareable apps. It is just so much more appealing.

Now that I spoke about why I choose android as my main phone os. I would like to talk about the reason I wish apple would make android hardware. To this day I have not seen a better looking or built phone than the iPhone 4 in my opinion. Even if it was glass, mine did not break easily. The design is just so appealing and feels nice in your hands. It just had a premium look and feel. Most android phones are plastic and just don't feel the same in comparison. Even the gsIII with it's glossy finish reminds me of the iPhone 3G days.

Next lets talk about displays. I am using a gs2 skyrocket. While the super amoled plus display looks nice, it still doesn't compare to the retina display on my old iPhone 4. I could make out smaller text on my iPhone. On my skyrocket with its wvga resolution, that size text starts to blurr. It is nice having a bigger screen, but not all small text is readable.

Next cameras have always been great on the iPhone. Even if the 4 had a lower resolution it too great pictures. Not all android cameras take great pictures. I am pleasantly surprised with the skyrockets camera. It takes some great pictures especially in those bright mornings.

Finally battery life has always been great on iOS. Apple does well in this area. My skyrockets battery isn't bad but it could use a little boost. My iPhone 4 would last an hour or two more. I'm finding ways to get more juice out of my battery though.

In conclusion, an iPhone running android would be nice but would never happen. I just hope the newest nexus device will have a killer screen, great camera, and great battery. I know it will have the speed ans stability offered in jellybean already. So those are just my main priorities. I want my next android phone to feel worth the money. The premium build quality and feel would be very nice. What do you want? For me an apple built android device would be amazing.