Name(s) for MetroUI substitute

These are my personal recommendations for Windows' UI.

A scenario I'm using that will help make sense and decide on the name is a following example:

I'm using my new "Surface" and connecting to my "Sky Drive" using "Windows". (Reminds me of a Pink Floyd-ish style cover)

The interface is the experience. The following are my suggestions:

My Personal Set:

  • - Transit UI<-- Love this one a lot. It fulfills the scenario I described above.
  • - Path
  • - Motion
  • - Voyage
  • - Pulse
  • - Vivid
  • - GO
  • - Verve
  • - Me
  • - Glance

P.S. If Microsoft sees this and chooses one or is inspired by one, I only ask for a little financial help for my wife, my dog, canary, and myself