iPad Memory Management

As an avid iPad user traveling around, I've found myself shunting the laptop more and more whilst importing pictures and video straight onto the iPad through the camera connection kit. Now, before we get into it, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm a bit if a digital hoarder, I keep all the pictures, Need all the music, and "must have" as many podcasts as possible. Which would be fine if I hadn't purchased a 16gb new iPad...

So, incredibly quickly I found myself hitting the ceiling. Out if space. After a small amount of digging around through menus, prioritizing and uninstalling unused apps, I put this short list of tips and tricks together for memory management.

1. Make use of the 'usage' box

The very first thing you should do is take advantage of this handy little feature. Buried under a confusing name in the 'general' part of settings, is a section which breaks down which apps are using the largest amount of that all too valuable resource called memory. Even better, a quick press on the app in question will show you whether it's the app or the content created or stored within the app is he culprit for the memory use. Iqv4ws3qd9m5w_medium

2. Stop hoarding.

An addiction that I'm guilty of, turned out to be easier to shake then expected. I suggest starting with pictures, if you want, backup first on your computer (but if you really want to shake that habit, put it all on the line!) and just go and start deleting images that don't make you go 'woah!'. You want pictures that really shine, keep the ones that you'd be happy to post to Flickr, pictures that would get invited to a whole bunch of rubbish spam,y groups. On my first shot, I cut down 200 (of 700) pictures, on the second, another hundred, finally cutting it in half to around 330 pictures. Another thing you want to avoid is similar images, such as these four, sure, they vary slightly, but really, you want to at least cut them down to two. You don't need four pictures of a train crossing a bridge. Ikwkskirelkhw_medium

Do the same for music.

Go through either the 'songs' or 'albums' section of your music library, and delete all the rubbish that you haven't listened too in ages or is just plane embarrassing (goodby, Glee, I don't remember downloading you, but your sure as heck not staying here).

3. Watch those browsers
Whilst the browsers are normally using minimal space (a few hundred MB max) you may as well. You never know when your browser has cached an obscure website like 'smartfridgeblog.com' and is chewing up all those bytes. If your on edge to squeeze that tiny bit more out of your storage, go to Spanner > Settings in chrome, or if your (insane and) using safari, delete it though the safari section of settings. Ibiuzpgqpts6hh_medium

So, what do you guys have in your storage-managing arsenal?