Ecosystem score should be removed from mobile reviews, software score in computer reviews should be cleaned up

I was reading the reviews, and I genuinely believe that certain changed should be made for the reviews to be more subjective and have less personal bias. First of all, I believe that the ecosystem score in phones should be removed. To be honest, I have never (?) read a mobile review on this site where the phone got a 10 in ecosystem. Most androids seem to get an 7 - 8, with even the galaxy nexus getting only an 8. What gets a phone a 10? Wouldn't a clean install of android get you a 10? Aside from the verge's odd standard in reviews, I personally think the idea is ridiculous. If computer reviews had an ecosystem score, wouldn't all OS X computers get like a 4? After all, OS X cannot boast having even remotely close the amount of programs as Windows, Many peripherals are incompatible with OS X, hardware for OS X is hard to come by (and for many models, impossible to upgrade), OS X cannot join active directory domains, etc. The Verge understands that having an ecosystem score is ridiculous for computers, than why do mobile reviews still have an ecosystem score?\ Secondly, I would like the software score in computers to be cleaned up. So recently, there was a review of a few Visio laptops, and a maingear/origin review. These laptops were praised in the review for having a clean system. However, they got only an 8 in software. Why is this? What do computers need to do to get a 10 in software? I mean, it seems like when manufacturers release computers with "value added" programs, you guys slam them, but than, they can't get a 10 with a clean system anyways. Anyways, I love the reviews here, these are just a few gripes I have about them.