MacBook Pro 13" or MacBook Air 13"?

Hey there Apple Core,

I know that this is a question that has been asked many times on these forums but none of them seem to answer the specific questions that I have so here it goes.

I'm thinking of buying a new MacBook, either the 13" base model Pro or the 13" base model Air. Both of them cost the same price at about £999 but I really can't decide which one to get over the other. I'll be making the purchase in time to start my university in September and I'll be studying a course in computer science. I'm coming from a 2008 white MacBook so either one of these would be a huge step up.

I'm pretty sure that either the Pro or the Air will suffice in terms of processing power/RAM for my course and so that really isn't a bother. Looking over some of the other posts, most people straight out think that the Air is the better purchase. I'm beginning to think that it is too but there are still some issues that I have with it.

1) 4GB ram. I'll be purchasing either laptop at a store that'll let me pay over the year so unfortunately I'm stuck with the stock configurations. Is 4GB really enough for a laptop that'll cost me so much? It might be able to handle my usage fine but I'm wondering whether it's future proof. I should be keeping this laptop for 3 years minimum so will 4GB ram suffice? This is one the reasons why I may get the Pro, the ram is upgradable and that makes me feel a little better.

2) SSD size. This is something that I think I may get away with but it is definitely a compromise. 128GB would be a squeeze with all my media plus I also plan on bootcamping Windows 8 at some point. I know that the SSD is blazingly fast compared to the Pro's HDD but is the size/speed compromise worth it?

Though the Pro comes with the disk drive, that really isn't something that bothers me, I could easily live without that. The only reason that I would get the Pro over the Air is the fact that I can upgrade the ram if I needed to and that the HDD is bigger.

Is the Air really worth all those compromises? What do you guys think?

Many thanks :)