HTC One X running Google Now on ICS!

Thanks to the brilliant folks at XDA, I was able to get Google Now running on my HTC One X running ICS. I have set it up to run when swiping up via gestures settings in Apex Launcher, but it should also work with the Google Seach widget. Here's a short video I made demonstrating the functionality:


Instructions for installing Google Now:

Note: I am not the author of this hack, I just discovered it on XDA. Though this should in-theory work with any deodxed AOSP-based (ie, CM9/AOKP) ROM running Android 4.0.4, I can't promise it will work. Sense-based ROMs apparently won't work, and as with all things, your mileage may very. Try this at your own risk, as it seems to replace the standard Google Search app. I just installed it, so I can't vouch for battery drain or anything else at this was just something fun to try on my newly-installed AOKP ROM.