Why John is the best Carmack: QuakeCon Keynote 2012.

Watch John Carmack talk like a genius for three and a half hours, guys. As always, he gives a mind-opening, fascinating look into the games id makes and the future of the industry. I swear, the only other guys capable of doing this to me are Doug Church and Warren Spector. If you have any interest in making video games at all, these are the men you should be learning from.

It's funny--in school, I've come across a lot of guys who say they want to make video games or whatever (one guy said he had plans for his own console, amusingly enough), but when it comes down to it, they're just not interested in learning about games. Maybe they want to make some 3D models or whatever, but really, they just like video games and wish they could have a job in games. They're not really interested in how to think about games.

Think of this like a litmus test. If you want to make games and you don't find this stuff fascinating, maybe you're in the wrong field.