Android isn't the Goose that layed the golden egg

(please excuse my grammar, i failed english class)

Lately everyone been saying how good android been doing with humongous Market Share, but money isn't as huge as it should be. Android don't make google a whole lot of money but Google is already worth billions of dollars so they are eating just fine. But the ones who aren't doing great is HTC, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Sony, everybody except Samsung isnt making that much money or losing money, so how is Android winning. Even in the tablet game it is horrible you have Amazon, HTC, Motorola, Lg, Samsung, Acer, and many others that only sold around 7 million last quarter all to together. See For yourself

If this continue for the next year the only android oem that gonna be in town is Samsung. Samsung cant be the only one that holds android down. People say the other vendors should unlock boot loaders, get rid of skins, make a pure android phone blah blah blah. But Samsung doesn't do any of that and they're doing just fine. Maybe because Samsung is huge in europe, asia, australia because they have a strong brand. It seems like the only thing holding some of these smartphone makers down is creating cheap crap smartphones that you get from Metro PCS.

People love to brag about marketshare but thats not what pays the bills. Money pays the bills, money improve your products, money keeps peoples jobs, money helps you innovate better.

Android Oem's you need to get you shit together or else it will be only a Apple and Samsung running the show.