Comcast/Xfinity Activation and Software

Dear Vergers,

I moved into a new apartment today, and had Comcast come set up my internet. Whilst doing the online activation, the final step is to install some software from Comcast. On the website, this software is listed as performing some activation tasks with the modem, as well as resetting all your home pages, search engines and adding favorites. The software is listed as a requirement on the website, so I decided to install it, assuming I would be given a choice to disable the last three options.

What they don't say on the website is to close all your browsers, and the software does not tell you to do this either. After allowing the UAC prompt, the installation just went, providing no options for disabling the resetting of all my browser settings, and it did not inform me that I had to close Chrome and IE, the latter of which I was using to do the setup. Perplexingly, the installation crashed several times, until I closed both browsers before starting it. Then the installation went through, but still did not prompt me about changing my settings. As far as I'm concerned, this behavior constitutes malware/spyware.

Finally, in the piece that pissed me off the most, my Chrome profile was erased (presumably because the installation crashed)! Now, fortunately, I know how to fix all these problems, but I am really really sick of being s*at upon by companies like Comcast, and what about people who don't know how to fix these things? I would cancel my account, but its the only provider available in my apartment plan.

So, my question to the community is simple. I am pissed off enough to keep fighting about this until I get some actual results. I don't care about monetary restitution or anything - I want Comcast to fix their software, so that at least if they insist on putting malware on my computer, I can choose how much they can change. So, now, what is the best course of action for me to take? 1800-Comcast? FCC? BBB? FWIW, I would prefer something where I get to yell at someone :-)

Thanks in advance!