Got a Galaxy Nexus, I miss my Nexus S.

I broke my Nexus S the other day, sadder than Eyore. It was perfect, set up just the way I like it, but it was gone now and I had to upgrade. The only viable option was a Galaxy Nexus, I have that now but I dearly miss my S for the following reasons.

1. Voodoo sound: This was the best thing that happened to my ears in a long time, all my music on the Galaxy Nexus sounds flat and dull; I can't unhear. I flashed Ezekeel's kernel, but it's no Voodoo. FeelsBadMan.

2. Size: I'm getting used to it, but I mis the wraparound thing I had with my Nexus S. It was much more intimate?

3. Dedicated search key: Gawd I miss this! I'm still looking for the patch that lets you put a virtual one in the Galaxy Nexus.

4. Screen: It is just too high res! All apps that don't have updated high res icons are ugly as sin and tiny on the 720P display. Especially Spotify. Damned Spotify.

There are good sides to the device, but I miss these a lot. So, anyone have pointers or tips to help me fix these issues? I tried downloading equalizer for sound, but it doesn't work with Spotify.

Edit: To those suggesting I return it and get another Nexus S, you're missing the point of my post. I'm asking for work arounds for these issues as the pros of the G-Nex are far too many. Basically, if you can point me to a great equalizer app that works on JB wit the G-Nex, high res icon packs, JB softkey mod or any of the sort, I'd be grateful.