I retrieved some film cameras at my grandma's. Any suggestions?

Hey guys. I just retrieved some cameras my dad used about 30 to 40 years ago... he can't really remember.

There is an old Semflex that looks really nice.

There is also a Canon AE-1 with a 35mm f/2. That one I changed the battery and put in some film. It seems to work really well. The inside is a little blurry but the lens is in good condition. I'm guessing it isn't clear anymore between the mirror and the viewfinder. I'll try and develop the photos tomorrow and keep you guys updated.

Also apparently I can buy an adaptor to hook the 35mm f/2 to my 5D but there are two drawbacks: it crops by 1.2X and you lose about one stop.

I'm new to film so I wondered if you guys had any advice or fun things you liked/like to do with film cameras. ANy suggestion would be nice.


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