Why so much hate on Windows 8?

As per the heading, why so much hate on Windows 8?

I'm a fan of all three of the big players, but having grown up with Windows I'm always particularly excited when a new version is due to release soon.

What I don't undersstand however, is why the majority of people on these forums (mostly apple fan boys, or a handful of windows users scared of change) are so against windows 8. Essentially, it is windows 7 with a new start screen, performance improvements, touch support etc. if people don't like the metro full screen apps they can stay in desktop mode and work pretty much the same as Win7, you can pin your most used program's to the task bar or stick them in categories on the start screen.

I personally am exited for the improved gesture support for trackpads, touch support, multi monitor improvements, the amazing live tiles, gorgeous metro apps and upcoming Xbox live titles to be released. I for one will be buying a high end all in one pc with touchscreen and a trackpad.

Is it just me being a blind windows fanboy, or is windows 8 looking fantastic? It really is the best of both worlds, or "no compromise" as MS would say.

Sorry for an spell errors, typed on an iPad