Windows Phone major market-share growth reported

I just saw this on WinSuperSite, and then looked at the source article. Apparently, in Q2 2012, WP increased its shipments by 277%, so it now makes up 3.2% of all smartphones shipments globally.



If this is indeed accurate, this is very good news for WP. Considering the apparent higher demand for Windows Phones, I personally believe that once the newer, prettier, and more impressive Windows Phone 8 devices start coming out in the fall, there will be an even greater demand.

I'm sure there will be people who will say this isn't that noteworthy because even with this immense relative growth, Windows Phone has a low single-digit percentage of the market. Still, growing at this rate continuously would obviously lead to exponential growth, which could easily push WP into greater relevance by eventually and hopefully giving it a sizable market share (at least 10%). So, I'm obviously hoping this surge continues for a while, even though there's still a ton of uncertainty I'm sure.

What do you guys think? Anybody else as excited by this as I am?

*I updated the post to reflect some errors in my initial post, and I embedded the graph. I apologize, I posted this late last night.