Anand Chandrasekher, formerly an Intel Senior VP and leader of that company's Ultra Mobility Group, has returned to the fray of mobile computing in a new position as Chief Marketing Officer for Qualcomm. Near the end of his 24 years at Intel, Chandrasekher was most closely associated with the x86 chip giant's efforts to penetrate the smartphone market with Atom processors. He's the man you'll have seen holding up all those Medfield prototype devices that only recently made it to market in the form of the Orange San Diego.

At Qualcomm, Chandrasekher should have a rather easier job than he did back at Intel, since his task will be to oversee global marketing of a set of processors and wireless modems that are already immensely popular with cellphone manufacturers. Part of his job will also presumably be to enhance consumer awareness of the Snapdragon brand, which has so far lagged behind Nvidia's Tegra in terms of recognition.