Microsoft offers Quad X Win 8 Experience: DX, MX, BX & PX

Microsoft now offers four distinct levels of user experience through Windows 8.

DX: The Desktop Experience
The Mouse/Keyboard applications accessible through the Desktop UI.
Example: Office 2013 for the Desktop

MX: The Metro Experience
The Touch/Gesture applications accessible through what was called the Metro UI.
Example: OneNote MX for touch/Tablets

BX: The Web Browser Experience
The Mouse/Keyboard/Touch applications accessible through the Browser UI.
Example: Office 365 Online

PX: The Phone Experience
The Touch applications accessible through the Windows Phone.
Example: Office 365 on the Phone

One of two things may result

1 You may either get totally confused or
2 You may marvel at the plethora of possibilities

Question: Are you Type 1 of Type 2?