Unfortunately, it's become commonplace for movie studios to make consumers wait almost two months before renting new releases from outlets like Redbox or Netflix, making a far more expensive movie purchase the only initial option. Fortunately, Redbox and Sony Pictures have worked out an extension to their existing licensing deal, which means that consumers will still be able to rent Sony movies from Redbox the same day they are released for sale. The deal, which was worked out last week as Redbox parent company Coinstar announced its quarterly earnings, also gives Redbox access to Sony movies on Blu-ray, and Sony now has two one-year extension options that it can choose to exercise once the standard deal ends in September of 2014.

It's worth noting that this deal only applies to physical rentals of DVDs and Blu-ray discs, not the recently announced Redbox streaming service. Still, this comes in direct contrast to the deal that Universal and Redbox brokered earlier in the year which keeps Universal's movies unavailable for rent until 28 days after their release for purchase. We'll see what Sony does when 2014 rolls around, but it wouldn't surprise us to see them follow that unfortunate trend next time the companies meet behind the negotiating table.