What's Your Skyrim Play-Style?

Thanks to my brother's kind generosity (and my willingness to hand over RE5), I'm back to playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim! And now I'm wondering, what play-style does everyone here use?


I'm trying to get as wide-spread as possible, but I do tend to focus on one-armed combat and Destruction magic. While I was using Grimsever and electrical attacks for awhile, I've since switched it up to Dawnbreaker and Firebolt. I'm apparently very fire-based (I'm a Dunmer, which has natural resistance to fire). And seeing how many undead and vampires I seem to come across in this game, fire is most definitely my friend.

I don't use shields at all, although I do collect them for display in my various houses all over Skyrim. I guess since I already wear heavy armor most of the time (Ebony), I really don't want to slow myself down even more. Plus it's important to me to almost always have one close attack, and one ranged attack at the ready.

Lately though, I have been trying to level up my Archery, Enchantment and Conjuration skills. I've discovered that I really do like the latter of the three (I'm rather terrible with the foremost one, lol). I like summoning fire spirits and my Spectral Assassin, who I realized will simply stay with me until he dies! Talk about helpful!

And this isn't really related to play-style, but I really enjoy having Mjoll the Lioness with me on my travels. She can't die, unlike most other followers, so I don't have to worry about telling her to stay back when I go on the offensive. I also use Shadowmere, which I've been told is the toughest horse in the game.

So how do you fight in Skyrim?