New iMac - Anyone else waiting?

Is there anyone else that's holding out for a new iMac to be announced? Preferably with a "Retina"-display?

I'm not a big fan of Apple (because of their tightly locked ecosystem and proprietary solutions) but the thought of a beautiful glass & aluminum all-in-one PC with a retina-display makes me want one really bad... even though there's been no evidence of it even existing.

Here's what I need in a desktop computer:

  1. Quad Core & decent graphics card
  2. SSD boot drive as standard or user accessible HDD slot
  3. IPS/PLS, >180 PPI, edge-to-edge glass display
  4. Quiet
  5. USB 3.0
  6. Good looking on the desk. Low profile aluminum keyboard available.

The current iMac fails at point 2,3 and 5 while a custom Windows PC fails at point 3 and 6 (there are no good affordable displays and they all look like crap and there's no alternative to the Apple keyboard available)
So I'm basically just waiting. If there is nothing new around, in terms of good displays or retina iMac, when Windows 8 is released - I'll probably just build a custom PC and buy some kind of 1080p touch display that'll probably be available at that time, and just use one of those ugly, plasticky gaming keyboards.