'Nexus space' in California?

So I'm having some serious self-imposed disruption at my home shortly. If I'm not here then I'm usually in Monaco - and being currently somewhat under-employed, instead of vegitating on a boat deck hunched over a laptop surrounded by a tide of Russian nouveaux-riches I figured I might as well go somewhere else and do something useful.

I'd thought about hanging out in Dubai where I'm starting a new presence but it's hard work for various reasons and I don't really like the place. I also thought about the Baltic states where I have a small team present as well, but I'm not sure there's anything really new for me to be involved with there. Then I started thinking why not the US, and specifically why not California.

What I'd be looking for is somewhere - be it some sort of mashup hackerspace, a series of offices etc - where I can rub shoulders with people from a wide variety of disciplines who're already in the workplace, not just in "tech tech" but biotech, social, leisure, design, infrastructure, etc. I'm not interested in the startup scene but e.g. an ultimate practical aim might be more to assemble a team that I can drop into an established (or new, non-VC) business or more likely just work on interesting stuff with, the nature of which I don't yet know.

So, questions for you guys on here who might also be looking into this stuff (seems to be a sea of knowitall students but worth a try), or already be in such a place:

- Are there any places out there which falls into that sort of 'multi disciplinary casual nexus' category?
- How practical would it be for someone to insert themselves in there?
- Where should I base myself (i.e. where should I live)?

It's kind of a nebulous idea now, if it gets more serious I'll do more research but for now I wondered what the 'nets made of my thoughts.