Apple products don't get discounted very often, so the news that Sprint is dropping the price of the iPhone 4S by $50 took us a bit by surprise. Nonetheless, you can now get Apple's flagship phone starting at $149.99 (for the 16GB model) on the biggest US carrier that still offers unlimited data. That $50 price drop comes regardless of whether you buy a black or white model and regardless of what storage capacity you opt for — 32GB models are selling for $249.99, with 64GB models sitting at $349.99. Note that you can only get this deal at Sprint's website; Apple's online store still lists the phone starting at $199.99 The iPhone 4 price remains unchanged at $99.99 for a 8GB model (and all prices of course come along with a new two-year contract).

While there's no official word on the next iPhone, it's hard not to look at this sale as a sort of "last gasp" for the product. The phone is already over 10 months old, and Apple has only kept one iPhone model around for longer than a year without introducing a new product. With the rumor mill squarely focused on September 12th as a likely introduction date for the next iPhone, Sprint users might be better off waiting another month to see what comes along.