Pleasantly Surprised with Android

I have been an iphone user since the days of the 3g. The latest Iphone i used was the iphone 4. I preordered and got it on launch day. I was a huge fan of ios and disliked android but after i tried ics on my GS2 Skyrocket, my thoughts on android have changed completely. Now I prefer android on my phone to ios. I still use an ipad for my daily ios fix though. The things that I really like about android are customization, notifications, file system, and gmail.

Customization: I really like how you can change the device to fit you. Like if you dont like the keyboard you can change it a different one, or change the launcher to change the way your homescreens operate. Right now I am using nova launcher with jellybean icons on my skyrocket. The only widgets i use are flipboard, google search, and beautiful widget for the 4 day weather forcast.



Notifications: I really liked notification center in ios 5 but it had it's problems, badges dont go away when you clear the notification in notification center, it's not easy to delete notifications, and you have to keep swiping down to check if you have any notifications because there are no status bar icons like on android. In android when you delete a notification from the icon goes away. Also in android you can easily swipe away notifications. Also i really like how it notifies you when you are doing something for example i was creating a screenshot and this came up on the status bar (saving screenshot).



File System: I really like how all the files can be shared to whatever app you want through the share menu and built in hooks. A long with this there is download manager which shows up in notifications whenever something is downloading. It even notifies you when a download is complete. Also when sending messages or emails it will alert you in notifications if it did not send. This was one of my biggest problems with my iphone because it wouldn't always tell me when that happens. I would wonder why someone hasn't replied to my text in hours and then go back and see it never sent. So I'm glad google addressed this.

Gmail: Gmail is a really great experience. It quickly syncs between all my devices. The interface is nice, push emails with notifications work well, and I have the option to reply with my main email. I have as of now forwarded my main email account to my gmail and gave gmail the ability to reply using my other email. Also image attachment and anything else you would want to ad to an email is easily accessible with the app.

Finally I originally was going to use this skyrocket until the new iphone came out but I think i might be waiting for the new nexus device and upgrading to that instead. Android isn't for everyone but you should give it a try. I as of now am a fan of both android and ios. I use both daily and am a happy consumer.