Help with securing my Apple ID!

I'm sure a lot of people have heard Mat Honan's story by now. If you haven't I suggest you head over to Wired and read it.

So what suggestions do people have for securing an Apple ID until Apple addresses the issues with their password reset system?

My first thought was just to change my iTunes billing address to something completely false.

Would this be ok? Does Apple actually need to know my physical billing address?

Obviously having an @me address as the password reset address for Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook etc accounts isn't a great idea.

I was thinking of creating a special "password reset" Gmail account with two factor authentication and using that as the default "password reset" address for all my other accounts.

I also think having "remote wipe" enabled isn't a great idea. Mat made a great point in that one needs to consider what the greater threat is... that someone will steal your MacBook or that a hacker will remotely wipe it.

My family has a bunch of iDevices and I have to admit I have no idea how to enable\disable remote wipe!

Backup is one thing I think I've got right, although if someone asked my a week ago I would have said I'm overly cautious

For all my important files I keep a local copy sync'd online to SkyDrive, a backup on a local server and an offsite backup of the server.