A Tale of Two Phones...iPhone 4s vs Galaxy S III


I have been using an iPhone as my personal phoneand business phone for over a year. Then three weeks ago I began using the Samsung Galaxy S III that was provided by my work place. I was very tentative at first but was eager to separate work and personal on my iPhone. My initial response was shock because of the size of the Galaxy. The screen was nice, but not quiet as bright or as crisp as I would like. I then spent a couple hours getting rid of the annoying Samsung widgets and downloading the apps I use most. The gmail integration is tight and Ice Cream Sandwich appears to be very smooth and well done. I find myself hitting the home button instead of the back arrow. I guess an obvious change from iOS. The Facebook app was MUCH faster and less buggy then the iOS version. Twitter seemed fine even though I use Tweetbot on iOS. Other apps such as Foursquare, Pandora, Instagram, and Spotify all feel and run very similar to their iOS counterparts. As for the day to day use, I have been plagued by little issues such as pocket dialing with the Samsung phone. I had to start using a lock screen code which is very annoying. I find the phone's speaker for talking on the phone not nearly loud enough. The battery life is not as good as my iPhone but I'm giving it a pass since it is a 4g phone.

Overall, both phones are great. I appreciate Android's open and customizable operating system. In the end I think there is something to be said about the constraints of Apple's iOS that has created a more fine tuned product. This applies to the os itself and the apps on it. I can't say either's interface is more intuitive than the other. I think that is going to be the next big advancement in smartphones. Whoever can radically change the interface and make it more intuitive will dominate for the next cycle. I think this is going to take more than gestures or Siri. I think everything from layout of icons, notifications, touch interface in combination with voice commands. Honestly I hope Apple makes it happen mainly because I've bought into their entire ecosystem from my Macbook Pro, iPad 3, and iPhone. Each play a very important part of my daily life and workplace. That being said if Google or anyone else was to really make a major advancement that was revolutionary unlike anything we've seen in the last 3 years I would jump ship in a heart beat. I will follow the best tech.