Canon is breathing new life into its venerable 7D body with a big 2.0 firmware update. Announced back in June, the new software greatly improves the camera's image buffer when shooting at the maximum 8fps, letting you grab up to 25 RAW images or 130 high-res JPEGs before things start to slow down. It also adds the ability to set a value for maximum Auto ISO, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of Auto without having to worry about excess noise ruining your shots.

Filmmakers will be treated to manual audio level adjustment, while photographers will get faster scrolling when playing back magnified photos, and the ability to touch things up with in-camera RAW image processing. Lastly, if a lack of GPS support has had you leaving your 7D at home, you'll be happy to know the new firmware lets you use Canon's external GP-E2 receiver to geotag all your images in camera. The new firmware is available now from Canon's site.