bool bBuyGalaxyNexusNow = !(m_bFallNexusInternalStorage >= 3.436e+10 || m_bFallNexusHasExtSdCardSlot)

I've been rockin' my original Droid Incredible on Verizon Wireless and have been out-of-contract for quite some time. In an effort to ditch the carrier contracts and avoid having to root my phone and wait for a custom ROM, I figured I'd pick up a GNex direct from the Google Play store for $349. As for service, I planned to get one of T-Mobile's prepaid plans.

Unfortunately, the HSPA+ version of the GNex (the one available from the Google Play store) does not have an SD-card slot and is limited to 16GB of internal storage. In an effort to limit my data usage, I cache most of my Spotify music, podcasts, and other data to my phone. Even with that effort, I still use ~3 to 4 GB per month of data. Just for perspective, the 32GB micro-SD card I have in my original Droid Incredible currently only has about 2GB of free space. Obviously, if I went over to a GNex, I'd have to reconsider what type and how much data I'd store to my phone's internal memory.

It seems odd to me that Samsung would choose to ship a phone with such a limited amount of internal memory with no external storage option. I understand from Google's perspective that they want us pushing/pulling data to/from their services as much as possible. I can also understand that it's probably far easier for Android to support a piece of hardware that has a single consistent internal storage system rather than an unknown external storage system that can vary significantly in size and performance. However, wireless carriers' data plans don't seem to be getting any cheaper (in fact they seem to be getting worse with the new tiered/shared plans) and Google's current Nexus phone doesn't offer enough storage capacity to satisfy my needs.

These issues are what have kept me from pulling the trigger on both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7. I love everything about these devices but the lack of internal storage capacity/external storage capability have prevented me from going forward with a purchase.

I was curious as to what thoughts The Verge readers might have in regard to the lack of storage on the Nexus devices and also any speculation as to whether the next Nexus phone(s) will include additional internal storage or at least the capability to add a micro-SD card? While it's still early, I would have figured by now we would have started to hear rumors about the next-gen Nexus device (perhaps we won't hear about it until Key-Lime Pie is ready to be released?)

Thanks for your time/thoughts!