How Have You Consumed Your Tech News?

What are your go-to sites for tech news and how did you get there? Tech Crunch was my #1 site a year ago, but they've slowly faded since their entire staff turned over to the point that I only check them a couple times a week at best. I'm now down to The Verge as my only daily tech site and open to recommendations.

How has your tech news reading evolved over the past decade?

2002 Yahoo!- myYahoo! was my homepage and I used it religiously

2004 Cnet- Used to love this site! It started looking like a cluster once the blog format became commonplace. Also, I found their reviews pretty terrible as they seemed mostly geared towards ads.

2005 Wired- Prior to The Verge, Wired still had the best tech features on the web. Still read it occasionally, though much less frequently. It's an on-again off-again relationship.

2008 Tech Crunch- This was my #1 most visited site in Chrome until everybody left during the Huffington/Shoenfeld hour. Now I check it a couple times a week.

2010 Gizmodo- The iPhone 4 leak got me going on Giz. The Joel Johnson rage post is when I stopped.

2010 Engadget- Started reading after I got tired of Giz. Stopped when everybody left. Half the entertainment was in the comments. I remember DaHarder being trolled endlessly. He always fed the trolls.

2011 This is My Next-

2011 The Verge- Day 1 OG reader!

There are site I'm missing from the early 2000s, but these are the sites I remember having as my daily reader with estimated dates of when I read them.