99% Windows 8 style apps on a desktop PC

I thought I'd try it today, and see how long it lasts. Previously I'd been using Metro Windows 8 style apps for some things but the desktop for web browsing, email on Outlook.com and more. But I thought I'd try avoiding the desktop as much as possible (note that I'm not using a small screen that supports touch or anything - I'm using a non-touch 1920x1080 monitor). So I'm now using metro Windows 8 style IE10, the Windows 8 Mail/Calendar/Messaging/People apps, OneNote MX and basically full-screen apps for everything except for browsing files and some Office apps.

It is kind of weird now, but when the final Windows 8 ships it might be easier - for example, the communication metro Windows 8 style apps may have more features, bringing them on par with the web at Outlook.com. Anyone else tried this avoid desktop approach?