Microsoft appears to be rebranding the Windows Phone Marketplace to Windows Phone Store. The change was first revealed at the company's recently launched Windows Phone Dev Center earlier today, but Microsoft officials have not yet announced it officially. We understand the rebrand is linked to an ongoing effort to simplify Microsoft's Windows Phone and Windows 8 efforts. Windows 8 includes access to a Windows Store with Windows 8 Style applications. One particular page at Microsoft's Windows Phone Dev Center mentions the new Store naming a number of times:

The new Windows Phone Dev Center has everything you need to create great apps and add them to the Windows Phone Store for the world to see, try, and buy. You can start creating apps anytime. When you’re ready to offer them in the Store, you’ll need a subscription to the Dev Center where you can start the process of adding them to the Store catalog

We reached out to Microsoft for comment, but a company spokesperson was unable to confirm or deny the new naming. Microsoft originally introduced its Windows Phone Marketplace with the launch of Windows Phone 7 devices in October 2010.