PS3 dead. where to go from here[Decided]

So I have decided to go with the OOW with Sony. 129$ for repair or exchange with a 160GB slim. I going with the exchange as I don't really need the backwards compatibly as my PS2 is still kicking.

Does anyone have any experience with Sony exchange models? Do they ship out garbage or should this one last me?

A sad day an old friend will be missed

So my PS3 has turned up dead. It seen this coming and was trying to warn me but I had hope that it would hold on to see its new sibling come to the family next year. So I had turn a blind eye to it losing its hair(corrupt files) and attributed its passing out(shut down double beeps) to just being old an tired.

So now I am at a loss as to where to go next without my old friend, at least he signed his organ donor card so that at least some piece of him can live on. I don't even know what I going to tell his older brother(PS2) when I see him next(hook it up).

OK just wanted to have some fun but with that out of the way.

I am truly at a loss at what i should do next. I have 2 decent gaming PC that I use but the PS3 was the core of my gaming or at least my go to when I didn't know what else to play. I plan on getting a next gen console at some point not sure if it will be Sony or MS but that will be decided later. I wasn't planning on buying one at the end of next year when they are released but that might be changing now. Not the biggest fan of early adopting as I don't usually buy full retail priced games.

So what do you think/ what would you do

Stick with the PC for now?

Buy a new PS3 ?

Buy a Xbox360?

Buy a Wii? really would need to sell me on this