Developers You Forget Even When You Shouldn't

Have you ever fallen in love with a game but not known or cared who the developer was, much less looked up their other games in an attempt to immediately acquire everything else they had ever created? Have you ever just plain forgot to do so? Not everyone can be a Valve or a Bioware or a Rockstar, even if they make consistently great games.

Recently, I beat one of the most batshit insane, stupidly fun games I have ever played: Renegade Ops. Think GI Joe, but with more beer and explosions and less Hasbro Patriotism. It was a blast. Guess who made it!

Avalanche, the guys who made Just Cause 2, which is one of the greatest, most enjoyably explosive sandbox games ever made.

Then there's Capybara, which inspired this thread. Matt Leone just wrote an article about them, which you should go read. I loved Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is one of the most gorgeous--both visually and aurally--games that I have ever played.

So! Who are the developers that keep making surprising games that everyone should pay attention, but for whatever reason, it seems like people either forget or ignore them?