Windows 8 is too difficult.

I'm just kidding anybody can use this OS

But what I think Microsoft should do is to create a dedicated app called "Windows and Me" which helps a user transition into the world of Windows 8 and phone 8.

Windows & Me?

Like I said its a program that connects you to the Microsoft World keeps you updated and hopefully interested in any products or updates in the future.

The app includes things like

1. Tutorials

  • Windows 7 VS Windows 8 daily usage tutorials from programs, to search to app store

2. App Highlights

  • Windows & Me will bring the apps that are important to you closer so you dont have to search the marketplace for apps that interest you

3. Windows Phone

  • Show the world that "Hey Microsoft has a legit mobile operating system and phones that cost less than an iPhone 4S/5

4. Xbox

  • Like App highlights bring movies, music and games that meet the end users common interest closer so the user doesn't have to search the marketplace to find what he/she is looking for.

5. News

  • Windows 8 your pretty much living in the world of Windows keep end users updated with anything new and cool coming out. Why not right?

So that is my idea a small little app that kind of puts out the fires that you know haters are going to be talking about Windows 8."Oh it sucks" "Oh its difficult" "Oh its the next Vista" all that shit is complete garbage.

Windows 8 is the most easiest Windows OS I have ever used I had my doubts at first but I took the time to learn how to use it and if people do the same thing and find out how they can use it to their advantage its benefits everybody from the common joe to the power user.

Let me know what you think if Microsoft isn't going to make this app maybe somebody in the Tribe will.