Let's think about this trial like humans

First, the facts:

  • Apple is doing this for money. Anyone who disputes this holds a lack of understanding of capitalism
  • Apple has Tried this with about every Android manufacturer. Even the Galaxy Nexus is being sued over next year. Because of the previous point, this does not tell much about the intentions of Apple
  • Samsung wants money.
  • Samsung was heavily inspired by the iPhone.
  • Samsung studied the ways in which Apple created its OS, to make theirs better.
  • Apple has shaped the Smartphone industry.
  • If Apple were to have a monopoly over its form factor, it would effectively have a monopoly over the industry.
  • If Apple would have no control over its product's originality, then there would be a bunch of devices, made by different people, that behave the exact same way.
  • The trial being held is to find the balance between those last two points
  • The industry right now is generally believed to have a good balance between those points.
  • Google is working to differentiate its OS with Apple's.

Now talk. No trolling or otherwise flammable comments, please.